This policy provides the owner of insured vehicle coverage for legal liabilities to third parties in the case of accidents caused by or arising from the use of the motor vehicle of the Insured. 

Policy highlights: 

1. Limit of cover as per policy schedule subject to a maximum of:

a. Death / bodily injury 

SR 10 million per occurrence and in aggregate

b. Third Party Property Damage 

2. In the event of death of the driver of the insured vehicle in the accident, the policy will hold legal liability incurred due to the accident. 

Importance of Driving License: 
Effective and up-to-date driving license of the driver is a must containing authorization to drive the type of vehicle, in order for the claim to be admissible.

Exclusions from the Policy:

  1. Death of or bodily injury of the driver himself.
  2. Loss or ‘own’ damage to the insured vehicle itself. 
  3. Liability incurred while the vehicle is used for ralliesor speed testing.
  4. Liability incurred while the insured, authorized driver is driving under the influence of intoxication of drugs.
  5. Liability incurred while the insured, authorized driver is driving any type of vehicle other than as authorized in the driving license.
  6. Liability occurring due to violation of traffic law.
  7. Geographic limit: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.





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