This policy provides coverage for expensive repair bills for damaged cars, high costs of medical treatment for injuries and substantial pay-outs to third parties.  

Policy highlights: 

  1. Loss or damage to insured motor vehicle by 
    1. Accidental damages.
    2. Fire.
    3. Explosion.
    4. Theft.
    5. Whilst in transit.
    6. Malicious act.
  2. Liability to third party is legally indemnified against  
 a. Death / bodily injury  SR 10 million per occurrenceand in  aggregate
 b. Third Party Property  Damage
  1. Towing charges (maximum of SR 300).
  2. Medical expenses for the Insured or occupant of the insured motor vehicle up to SR 500 per person.

Optional coverage available upon payment of additional premium: 

  1. Personal accident: Extendable to a maximum limit of SR 100,000 per person, including medical expenses coverage of SR 25,000.  
  2. Geographical extension: Policy can be extended to cover Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and GCC countries including Bahrain. 
  3. Extension to include driver between 18-21 years of age. 
  4. Authorization for repairs to be carried out at agency/dealer.




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