This policy provides cover against Accidental Damage to Civil Engineering works under construction.


Policy highlights: 

  1.  Policy comprises of two sections:
    1. Material Damage: Covering physical loss, damage or destruction of the propertyinsured by any cause, other than those specifically excluded in the Policy.
    2. Third Party Liability: Covering the legal liability falling on the insured contractor asa result of bodily injury or property damage belonging to a third party.
  2. Period of Insurance should be equivalent to the period of contract.
  3. Cover can be taken by the Principal Contractor or Sub-contractor jointly or separately
  4. The Sum Insured under material damage section should represent total contract valueincluding estimated cost of labor charges and cost of materials.
  5. Optional covers also available on payment of additional premium 
    1. Clearance and removal of debris. 
    2. Third party liability cover. 
    3. Surrounding property of the insured. 
    4. Express freight, overtime. 
    5. Air freight. 
    6. Construction machinery, plant and equipment. 
    7. Maintenance and extended maintenance cover. 



  1. Faulty design. 
  2. Rectification of aesthetic defects of structure not relating to any physical loss or damageto the structure due to any accident, or of material defect or of workmanship defect. 
  3. Loss or damage due to gradual deterioration, atmospheric condition, rusting, wear andtear etc. 
  4. Loss discovered only at the time of taking inventory.
  5. Loss arising out of penalty for delay, non-fulfillment of terms of contract. 

For details refer to policy wordings. 



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