This policy provides a package of risk-coverage, indemnifying perils, losses, and properties. There are, however, some exceptions to these which are specifically named and excluded. 

The policy compensates for loss or damage caused directly by:

  1. Fire, lightning, explosions (except bursting of vessels or machines using pressure).
  2. Impact by aircrafts or aerial devices.
  3. Impact by vehicles or locomotives. 
  4. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, tempest of flood).
  5. Riot or strikes (except terrorism and civil war).

Excluded Losses : 

Consequential losses, dishonesty or fraud, theft (not burglary or house breaking), unexplained losses, contamination, pollution, defective workmanship, or design.

Excluded Property:

  1. Property in course of construction/erection/manufacture.
  2. Money, securities, bullion (silver or gold in bulk), unset precious stones,documents, business books, or computer records.
  3. Animals, plants, growing crops, or standing timber.
  4. Property in transit, such as motor vehicles, watercraft, aircraft. 
  5. Dams, reservoirs, piers, wharves, jetties, bridges or tunnels.

Excluded Perils : 

War, civil war, terrorism, dispossession or destruction of lawful authority, nuclear-related perils, subsidence, landslide, change of water level, electrical or mechanical breakdown of plant, machinery or equipment, deterioration of property by change of temperature.

For details refer to policy wordings. 




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