The policy covers money: 

  1. In locked safe/strong room 
  2. Whilst within the insured premises (Drawer/Cash box/till) with limited limits.
  3. In transit: subject to limits of liability specified in the policy schedule including limit to any one  occurrence. 
  4. Additional coverage: The policy also covers loss or damage to any safe/strong room during the burglary or attempted burglary up to a limit not exceeding 2% of the cash in safe limit of liability of the particular safe. 

The term “money” means and includes bank drafts, currency notes, cheques, postal orders, excluding personal cash of employees or others. 

Pre-requirements of Money Insurance: 

  1. Alarm systems, security systems and protective devices, are fully operational and maintained by the Insured.
  2. Books and all keys are maintained by the Insured as per conditions set in the policy. 
  3. When loss is noticed, the Insured is expected to immediately notify the Insurer and the Police authorities. 

For exclusions, under the policy, please refer to the policy document.




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