Scope of coverage: 

This policy is designed to cover burglary occurring on business premises, such as a factory, storage of office.  

Policy Covers: 

  1. Loss or damage to the insured property due to theft proceeding actual and    violent entry into premises specified in the policy. 
  2. Damage to the building not exceeding 5% of the content’s insured sum. 


Excluded property:

  • Bullion (gold or silver in bulk), valuable, unset precious stones, curios (unusual piece of artwork), work or art exceeding USD 250, plans, drawings, designs, patterns, securities, documents, money, cheques, or books of account.
  • Excluded loss or perils:
    War, terrorism, riot, strikes, other forms of civil commotion, damages caused by use of explosives, losses / damages where the Insured of his household member / staff is an accessory.

If the building containing insured property unoccupied for more than 30 days, policy ceases to apply. 

Additional Information 

  • While policies are normally for full value of the property, it is also possible to offer First Loss insurance, in which case probability of total loss if less likely. 
  • Concerning stocks, it is possible to offer a declaration facility. The assured sum is fixed at the maximum value of stocks which the Insured anticipates he will hold at any one time and by charging initially 100% of the annual premium, which is adjustable at the end of the policy period based on the average of monthly declarations, is subject to retention of minimum premium specified in the policy. 

For details refer to policy wordings.




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