Wafa’s Comprehensive General Liability Insurance provides coverage for legal liabilities towards third parties involving the business of the Insured and occurring at the premises specified in the policy schedule.  

The policy pays for :

Liability according to law for damages and claimant’s cost and expenses in respect of:

  1. Accidental bodily injury to any person.
  2. Accidental damage to property. 


Provided that: 

  1. Accident took place in the premises specified and during the policy period.
  2. Legal action is brought about within 12 months of expiration of policy.

Limits of liability: 

Under the policy there are two limits of liability:

  1. Liability of insurance in respect of any once accident/occurrence (AOA).
  2. Liability of insurance during any one year/ period of insurance (AOY). 

Standard Exclusions: 

  1. Employment / workman’s compensation liabilities.
  2. Any professional liability of Insured.
  3. Sub-contractor’s liabilities.
  4. War, terrorism, nuclear-related consequences.
  5. Fines, penalties, or consequential losses.

*For Insured to remember: 

  1. Limits of liabilities and deductibles, if any, are as per schedule.                                                                         
  2. Exceptions, terms, and conditions as per policy are binding for Insured and Insurer.                                  
  3. In the event of occurrence, which may give rise to a claim, the Insured should  
    1. Give immediate notice in writing to the insurer and forward any claim.                                                                                                 
    2. At his expense, supply all information and assistance to insurer for registering a claim properly. 

For details refer to policy wordings.




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