This policy provides cover to the insured anywhere in the world against personal accidents. 

It provides cover against bodily injury resulting in: 

  1. Death. 
  2. Restricted permanent disablement. 
  3. Full permanent disablement. 
  4. Temporary total disablement. 
  5. Medical expenses.  

Policy highlights: 

  1. Compensation for temporary total disablement restricted to a duration of 52 weeks.
  2. Compensation is limited to the amount of the assured sum. 
  3. Compensation is not payable for more than one of the following contingencies:
    1. Death.
    2. Full permanent disablement. 
    3. Restricted permanent disablement. 

Cover ceases from the date of injury, once claim is paid.


  1. Intentional self- injury/suicide.
  2. Injury occurring while intoxicated.

 For details refer to policy wordings.



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