This policy provides cover to the insured anywhere in the world against personal accidents.  It provides cover against bodily injury resulting in:  Death.  Restricted permanent disablement.  Full permanent disablement.  Temporary total disablement.  Medical expenses.    Policy highlights:  Compensation for... Read more
The Fire Insurance Policy compensates for loss or damage by: Fire.  Lightning.  Explosions (not including damage to boilers).  The policy does not cover:  Loss by theft during or after occurrence of fire. Loss or damage by... Read more
Wafa’s Comprehensive General Liability Insurance provides coverage for legal liabilities towards third parties involving the business of the Insured and occurring at the premises specified in the policy schedule.   The... Read more
Scope of coverage:  This policy is designed to cover burglary occurring on business premises, such as a factory, storage of office.    Policy Covers:  Loss or damage to the insured property due to theft... Read more
This policy provides employers coverage for loss suffered due to acts of forgery, embezzlement, larceny, and fraudulent committed by their employees during the course of their duties.  Discovery of loss:  Liability applies... Read more
The policy covers money:  In locked safe/strong room  Whilst within the insured premises (Drawer/Cash box/till) with limited limits. In transit: subject to limits of liability specified in the policy schedule including limit to... Read more
This policy provides a package of risk-coverage, indemnifying perils, losses, and properties. There are, however, some exceptions to these which are specifically named and excluded.  The policy compensates for loss or... Read more
This policy provides a solution by covering loss of profit due to reduction in turnover arising from interruption of business followed by damages to the property by a disaster that... Read more